Terms of Service

“When the sitting is over, I feel kind of embarrassed about what we’ve shared. It’s so intense.” Richard Avedon

Welcome to SF Headshot Studio  . Serving San Jose , Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Please phone (415) 854-1597 for faster service.  $99 Portraits includes: All digital images (jpegs) on DVD-ROM, satisfaction guaranteed, done in about one hour. We are open everyday, Sunday through Saturday, from 8am to 8pm. We schedule photo sessions by email appointment only. Please read our terms of service before emailing. Our email address is [email protected] Please check your email junk/trash folder for our reply.


$99 Includes:

* Per one person, per session (done in about one hour)

* Two outfit changes 

* Two background changes

* All digital images on DVD-ROM (yours to keep)

* Digital files are JPEG,  color (Lossy-RGB)

* We can shoot full body, face, or what ever you want

* Same day service 

* Satisfaction Guaranteed

Five Terms of Service
1. $99 portrait sessions available every day , Sunday through Saturday , from 8am to 8pm (Closed major holidays) at our studio in San Francisco, CA. We guarantee one image to be done to your satisfaction for our $99 fee. The photography session is about  60 minutes- 15 minutes shooting per outfit and 15 minutes downloading JPEGS and 15 minutes burning  DVD. Sales tax will be added to all sales. We accept Cash (USD),  Debit Cards, Credit Cards. Sorry we do not offer net 30/60/90. We release all images on DVD after payment in full. Please read *** HOW TO PREPARE FOR OUR SCHEDULED PHOTO SHOOT: below in blue.

2. By EMAIL appointment only (sorry we do not “pencil in” appointments). If you agree to our five terms of service, please email to schedule your headshot session. Please put “Headshots Portraits Appointment” in subject line. Please request two dates and times. We will confirm our appointment and email our San Francisco address to to you. Cancellation fee is $50, if appointment is canceled within 24 hours of scheduled session. By default we shoot against a neutral grey and/or white and/or black background. 

3.  You will have all the JPEG images from our session on DVD. Satisfaction guaranteed.  You take this DVD home- it is yours.  Signing of any legal document/title (non-disclosure and/or non-exclusive title and/or exclusive copyrights title), is $100 per signature or document. Prints and/or enlargements are not included. Hair and make up not included. PhotoShop not included. Default digital files are JPEG, color, Lossy-RGB, 5,616 × 3,744, 21.1 megapixels, 72 dpi.

4. PhotoShop modification from default JPEG is $50, per image. All modification instructions must be in writing, by email reply. Please allow three business days per image. RUSH fee is 100%.  All PhotoShop orders must be prepaid. We guarantee one PhotoShop image to be done to your satisfaction. Prints 4×6 available for $25 each. Enlargements  8×10 are available for $50 each. Sorry, we do not permit client dongles in our computers. We can email your image of choice. We can sell new USB Flash drives (8GB) for $15 each.

5. We can shoot outside our studio. Our travel-location photography fee is $500, for San Francisco Bay Area. Digital images (jpegs) are on file (hard drive) for 30 days. After 30 days , all digital files are deleted. Minors must be accompanied with a parent or guardian. Total fee is $108.40 total per person, per group, per outfit, per background, per session.  Please be on time. Please come in ready to shoot.

Additional fee:

Cancellation fee  (24 hours)…………$50.00

USB Flash Drive (8GB)…………………$15.00

Travel-location photography fee …..$500

Hair and make up and styling ………$500

Photoshop fee per image …………….$50.00

Photoshop RUSH fee (100%)……….$50.00

Signed Document per client………$100.00

4×6 photo print (each) ……………. $25.00

8×10 photo prints (each) …………..$50.00

Lithograph  (100 count) …………$300.00

Recap on $99 HEADSHOT fees:
All digital images (Jpegs) on DVD- ROM……..$99.00
Sales Tax ……………………………………………….$9.40
Total / One DVD- ROM…………………………….$108.40

Thank you for choosing our photography service! As you can see, we love our clients! If you want a nice image for your social media, school, family, friends, online dating or business website, we are here to help. We guarantee our work – Your satisfaction is required!

We shoot with a digital Canon SLR camera (no 35mm) . We download your color images immediately into a desktop PC computer for your inspection and approval. $99 is the cost per one session. One session should be done in one hour or less.

We collect our fee of $99, plus sales taxes ($108.40) , when you are happy with one image.  Total fee is $108.40 total per one good image, per person, per outfit, per background, per session.

The photography session is about 15 minutes per outfit and downloading JPEGS about 15 minutes and burning  DVD is about 15 minutes. By default we shoot against a neutral grey background. Please be on time. Please come in ready to shoot.

When you leave, you will have all the images we have shot on DVD-ROM.  

Photo sessions available by email appointment only ( closed major holidays) at our studio in San Francisco, CA. 

We allow two outfit per $99 session. We guarantee one good image per $99 session. All images that are created are yours to keep on DVD. USB Flash drives (8GB) are $15 each. 

For a standard commercial business headshots, we recommend a neutral grey background. For performance imaging, we can be more creative. Other solid color backgrounds we have are white, red satin, blue satin, green satin, orange satin, and black velvet.

Photoshop enhancement/modification is available for $50 , per image, additional. We can change file type (PGN, PDF, GIF, TIFF, CMYK), DPI (dots per inch) , crop, remove color (black and white or sepia), remove blemishes,  remove wrinkles,  enhance eye color. We can add text, logos. We can add an outdoor background, indoor background or texture or color.  Again our fee is $50, per image. Please allow three business days for rendering turnaround per image.

Most of our clients do their own hair and make up and styling. You can bring your own stylist if you like- however please come prepared to shoot A.S.A.P. We can schedule a makeup/stylist artist for an additional fee of $500. Please note- our makeup/stylist artist has limited availability.

By default USA copyright law, all images created are the intellectual property of SF Headshot Studio. We can sell exclusive copyrights for $100 per client.  We can sign any legal document/title  (company non-disclosure and/or non-exclusive title and/or exclusive copyrights title), for a fee  of $100 per signature, per document.

We can travel to a location outside our studio, to the beach, golden gate park or your office or headquarters for an additional fee of $500. For group business portraits, there is a fee of $99 per group. We will need a midsize room with electrical outlets for our studio lighting equipment and backdrops. We charge a fee of $99 per principal and/or group to be photographed. For example, four executives  and one team/group to be photographed at Oracle in Foster City, CA will be billed at $870.52 ($99 x 5=$495 + $500=$995 x .095 tax=$1089.52). We will burn a DVD of all images and provide nonexclusive copyrights to your company. Payment in full by company check or credit card is required to release DVD of images. 

TO RECAP OUR FEES: Headshots are $99 plus sales tax. We charge additional  fees  for the following: Travel-location photography fee is $500.  Photoshop digital modification per image is $50.00.  Signed document (Absolute copyrights-nondisclosure)  per client is $100.00. 8×10 prints at $50 each. USB Flash drives (8GB) are $15 each. Printing/lithograph headshot cards  (100 count) is $300.00. Cancellation fee is  $50, if appointment is canceled within 24 hours of scheduled session. Sorry we do not offer net 30/60/90. We release all images on DVD after payment in full.


Please try to be on time, as we may have other clients scheduled in the day. For one look we need approximately one hour of time. 15 minutes shooting and 30 minutes downloading and burning DVD.

Get a good nights rest. No drinking alcohol or smoking please. Be up at least two hours before our shoot. Do not drink more than two cups of coffee. Exercise one hour  if you can. Have  something to eat. Get a haircut ,  shave , and shower.  Practice smiling. Pick a clean wardrobe the night before. Look and feel your best! We are taking professional photos; HEADSHOTS- not mugshots. Please bring patience and a good attitude. : )

Please bring one complete outfit. For example one business suit , that is clean and pressed (no wrinkles!) with dress shoes. We recommend that you bring complete outfits-IE: nice business shoes, matching pants, shirt and vest and jacket. NOT jeans, flipflops  mixed with a business shirt and jacket. If you wear a complete outfit, you will feel better and it will show on your images.  Solids, silks, satins are a good choice. No big logos please for commercial headshots.  We recommend wearing what makes you feel what you want to communicate.

All images that are created are yours to keep on DVD.

Think about: who is your client and what do you want to say? Remember: One picture is worth a thousand words.

Please decide what we are shooting : Passport, portraits, business headshot, theatrical headshot, fashion images, senior portrait.

Please decide the background color. Available colors are white , black, grey, red, orange, green , blue and marble. 

Again we guarantee one image to your satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in our service!

Best of luck in your career

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